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 Phoenix  Cargo  LLC -  Tariff  000  Rev.00

 FMC Organization No.: 026953 |  License No.: 026953NF

 Published:  3 March 2020  |  Effective: 3 March 2020

Rule 2-140: AES USA Export Shipments

Carrier requires complete and original physical titles, receipts, and invoices for all vehicles and items over $2,500 in order to effect Automated Export System / Shippers Letter of Instructions no later than 24 hours prior to document due date in Booking Confirmation or any other instrument citing documentation needed for shipment. U.S. CBP Service may impose penalties for failure to comply with the U.S. Bureau of Census, Mandatory Automated Export System (“AES”) regulations. VOCC may also impose penalties for failure to provide relevant AES number and any CBP cleared instrument on time.