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 Phoenix  Cargo  LLC -  Tariff  000  Rev.00

 FMC Organization No.: 026953 |  License No.: 026953NF

 Published:  3 March 2020  |  Effective: 3 March 2020

Rule 2-150: Documentation Fee

Except as otherwise provided all shipments will be subject to the following: Documentation Fee: $0-$200 USD per B/L based on timely submission and amount of effort needed to prepare and complete.

Late Documentation Fee: Shipper shall provide Carrier with complete, accurate and timely documents to enable Carrier to timely prepare bills of lading. If information needed to accurately and complete prepare and submit Shipping Instructions are not presented at least 48-hours prior to Document due Date in the Booking Confirmation or other requesting instrument, a Late Documentation Fee shall be applied in an amount corresponding to amounts claimed by the underlying carrier, terminal, government agency, or any other source related to the untimely receipt of documents from the Shipper. Such charges incurred by the Carrier plus up to an additional $0 - $200 shall be assessed for Carrier documentation fee.