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 Phoenix  Cargo  LLC -  Tariff  000  Rev.00

 FMC Organization No.: 026953 |  License No.: 026953NF

 Published:  3 March 2020  |  Effective: 3 March 2020

Rule 2-180: U.S. Customs Related Charges

Shippers must comply with all customs and consular regulations. Any fine or penalty imposed by government authorities for failure to comply with customs or consular regulations shall be at the expense of shipment, or merchant. Goods which are not cleared through customs for any reason may be cleared by Carrier at the expense of the shipment or merchant and may be warehoused at the risk and expense of the shipment or merchant or may be turned over to the Customs authorities without any further responsibility on the part of the Carrier.

Rates are not inclusive of U.S. CBP Service related charges, such as, but not limited to, Customs clearance assessments, USDA/FDA/US customs examination, X-ray, insurance, storage, forwarding charges, drayage, demurrage, bonded warehousing, formal customs entry, if required, or tax and duties. Any such accrued U.S. CBP Service related charges shall be at the expense of the shipment, cargo or merchant.