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 Phoenix  Cargo  LLC -  Tariff  000  Rev.00

 FMC Organization No.: 026953 |  License No.: 026953NF

 Published:  3 March 2020  |  Effective: 3 March 2020

Rule 2-200: Cargo Roll-Over

Carrier will require complete and accurate shipping instructions by the “Document due date and time” mentioned on the NRA/NSA, Booking Confirmation / Freight Quotation. If not received by the said date, cargo will be rolled/postponed to the next available vessel and all costs associated with the postponement (handling, storage, demurrage, etc.) will be billed to the Shippers/Owners Account or cargo.

A Cargo Roll-Over (“Roll”) Fee of $300.00 per Rollover shall be charged unless the Vessel Operator levies a fee less than $300.00 in which case, the lower fee will apply and be transferred to Shipper.